The only way to travel in the Himalayas! We offer a one day safari in the high plateaus far above the valley floor which includes a picnic lunch and wildlife spotting which can easily be expanded and camping accommodation arranged to lengthen your Yak Safari adventure into as many days as you may want. Riding these woolly animals through picturesque mountain meadows and green pastures

Immensely shaggy and weighing about a ton it has curved horns whose tips can be as wide apart as 90 cm. and measure 76 cm. over the curves. It can easily be distinguished by its long black hair, which is tinged with gray at the muzzle.

The area near Dzongri and Tsomgo Lake are popular trails amongst tourists. The Yaks have been domesticated since centuries in Sikkim. In the recent years, the animal has been used to create an adventure sport for people. The tourists from far-off lands come here to enjoy this tranquil ride on a Yak. Moreover, in the hoard of other adventure sports, Yak Safari is a sport that is enjoyed by people of every age-group. Be it a child or an older person, Yak Safari can become an exciting voyage for each one.
Yaks have been domesticated for centuries, and the domestic form has been introduced into other parts of central Asia. The wild yak may attain a shoulder height of 65 in. (165 cm) and have horns 3 ft (90 cm) long; its coat is dark brown. The domesticated yak is smaller, with short horns; its coat, which may be long enough to reach the ground, may be black, brown, reddish, piebald, or albino. Yaks can live on vegetation so sparse that it cannot support other domesticated animals.

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